Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I am so NOT a gardener, having said that, I totally get the spring/summer itch to plant pretty flowers and bushes.  Last year HH and I decided to buy a couple of perennials each year and hopefully make the whole planting thing easier.  This year we added 2 lilac bushes, (this is our 4th attempt at lilac bushes since we've been married, I grew up loving them, but I think they secretly hate me!)  1 Day Lily, and 2 other plants that I can't remember the names of, but I will figure it out and post them pronto!  Anywho, I wish that I had taken pictures of the yard earlier in the summer cuz the Iris's were so pretty this spring and the flower bed was also much prettier a couple of weeks ago, but here is a picture anyway.
The lawn obviously needs a little attention.

Click to enlarge picture
The poor little Snow Ball bush we planted last year got "mowed" over by the kids right
after we planted it.  But it looks like it is starting to grow this year from the root.  Cross your fingers!
We totally put bricks around it to protect it from the yard "help".

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