Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are we retards? (No offense to anyone)

O.K. so we are driving to mutual last night. Me, Hannah, and Sam. I am an advisor for the Beehives and of course the kids are in mutual. So anyway, we are driving through the neighborhood to the church and it is 7:00 straight up. (We are supposed to be there at 5 to, dang it) I see Mary Ellen and her daughter pulling out of their drive way headed the wrong direction. Mary Ellen is a Laural advisor. So I stick my hand out the window and wave at them and then I point towards the church and yell "It's that way." Now I am sure they didn't hear me, but they did see me pointing. Sam from the back seat says. Ohhh mom, that's how we get known as the Johnson retards!

Just a note of clarification; My best friend once told me that when she was taking her kids to a nice place or someplace she expected perfect behavior she would say "We are not the ********* Retards, so behave accordingly. (The **** are to protect the innocent) I repeated once to my kids at a restaurant and just as I did James came down the isle doing something totally goofy (retarded) and the kids laughed and laughed. So now when ever James is goofy they feel free to call us the Johnson Retards. Something that I have come to regret saying because I really don't like to use that word anyway.

O.k. back to last night. After we got to the Church and into opening exercises I see Mary Ellen come in and I say. "I see that my directions helped you get here" She laughed and said yes they were just picking up one of the girls. Then I told her how Sam was so embarrassed and what he said. Well she couldn't stop laughing, she laughed right through the prayer and the YW theme.

Later I got to thinking about it. (Over thinking it, rather, it's what I do) I felt totally stupid. I should not have shared that tidbit from Sam, I should not have pointed and yelled. I AM A JOHNSON RETARD! No wonder I embarrass my children. uuuggghhh.

Monday, April 20, 2009

This blogging thing can be a little intimidating, especially when some of you out there are so creative and/or entertaining with your blogs. Needless to say everytime I set down to blog, I draw a blank. I have nothing creative or witty to say. No earth shaking news to share. Nothing! Not that my life is boring, it's not. It's just, well, ordinary. Just car pool in the morning. Chores, errands and ect. all day. Car pool in the afternoon. Dinner and homework helps in the evening. A T.V. show before bed and then start all over in the morning. See what I mean. I need to spice things up a bit. I love my stay at home life, I just need a little twist in the day every once in a while. Any ideas? You creative sisters out there, give me something to work with? "I'm leaving it all up to you" to borrow words from the Osmonds. Man am I old!!


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