Thursday, July 15, 2010

6 Ways to Like Your Home - Make that 7

As I was blog surfing constantly today, I came upon this blog site.
It was very refreshing I thought.   Don't you just sometimes feel the pressure to make, buy, steal search for great home idea's to make your home a lovely, should I say "Paradise".  I know I do.  Especially this time of year.  So when I found this post I took a deep breath and thought what easy ideas they were and probably would make a big difference in how you felt about your house.  Anywho, to read the entire post click on the link above.  But here are the 6 7 ideas.

1.  Clean Something
2.  Fix One Thing
3.  Make Your House Smell Good
4.  Shake It Up By Shopping The House
5.  Find Something To Paint
6.  Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

I'm going to add one my own

7. Open Up All The Blinds
Nothing makes me feel cheerier (that's a word, right?) than the sun shinning in. With the air conditioner on full blast of course.  Love the sun, not the heat.

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