Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Trim Work

We had lots of fun putting up
new door and window
You know the lovely builders grade 
windows do not come with any
trim work.  So we added that.

Doesn't that look so much better?!
We used decorative corner pieces, 
not sure what the technical 
term is, but that's 
what is under the tape.  
We glued them 
so the tape is holding them on
until the glue dries.

We also wanted to add chuckier
baseboards.  But with 
the budget being what it is
we decided to follow the
lead of some fellow bloggers out there
and do some "pretend" chucky

We found a baseboard that matched 
the original, then my Handyman used a 
wood piece as a spacer and then 
nailed the new base upside down above the original.

 It might look funny at the moment
but wait for the magic of paint.
One last addition...

  shelf.   I am hoping that it will
bring some life to this boring wall.
 It is approximately 15ft. long.

The brilliant HH came up with 
the design plan.
He bought the long shelf.
(I wanted it to be at least 5" wide)
he also bought the 
crown molding to go under it.
But HH didn't like the amount of space
that was left under the shelf.
He felt like it was too much empty space, so...
He bought another piece of wood that he
stood up underneath the long shelf
behind the crown molding.
Does that make sense?
So, basically it is behind the molding 
and pushes it out so that there is not as much
space in the front.  It also offers a 
little dimension to the bottom of
the shelf too.

There is also a small wood rail 
placed on the top edge of the shelf to 
kind of act as a plate rail (so things don't fall off)
Is that a plate rail?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention,
we took the baseboard that supports the shelf
(the purple X)
and wrapped that all the way around the room.

Any who...

Now to prep for painting.
Why is the prep work always
so much more work than
the actual painting?

That drives me crazy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Room Update

I have been so horrible at keeping up with my blogging updates!
Truly, we are about that slow with 
room progress as well.

So, first I'll try to take you around the room.
Here is the entrance to our

 If you walk straight in you will see
this little short wall 
before the entrance to the master bathroom.
It's about 47" long.

We will skip past the bathroom for now.
(That redo will be next)
 On the other side of the bathroom door is 
this short wall.
It's about 70" long  The corner connects us
to the window wall...

The window wall is about 13 ft. long

 Then around the next corner is the long wall.
I call that the long wall because it's the only
wall with nothing on it.  No windows or doors.
You can also see that the vaulted
ceiling starts at that wall 
and because the vaulted ceiling carries
over into the bathroom, the wall opposite of this one
has an open shelf above the bathroom doors.
I don't have a picture of the whole wall.
 That brings us back around the corner,
Sorry no picture of this corner
this wall is about 8ft long before 
you get back to the door.

So all in all the room is about
15ft x 13ft
not the biggest of rooms, 
but not the smallest of rooms either.

What do we need to accomplish with this makeover of sorts?
We need some COLOR, some STORAGE and some
personality fused in.
After 16 years of plain white walls with nothing hanging on them, NOTHING!
Needless to say
I am very anxious for this to happen.

So, first things first we
(and by we I mean mostly HH
He likes to be in charge, it's a man thing I think)
Anywho I am getting ok with that.  REALLY, I am!
removed all of the door casings.

 Here are most of the old casings.

We are on our way now.

More to come
(pinky promise)


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