Thursday, June 25, 2009

She's Home!

We're back and she's home! We met some wonderful people, ate fabulous food, and brought Brittani home. Life is good. The East is beautiful. We flew into New Hampshire, rented a car, and drove through Maine and up (is it up?) to Canada. We saw all of Britta's areas; Amherst and Miramichi, (in New Brunswick) Wolfville, Halifax, and Windsor. (All in Nova Scotia). We also went to Dartmouth (that's where the Mission Office is located in NS) and over to Prince Edward Island (just so we could say we did.) It was all so green and the weather was cool (about 68 - 71 most days) it was also raining most days, just a sprinkling though, it was sooo nice. I defiantely could live in weather like that forever. Then we come back to 90 degrees. Uggg!! The people were so nice. We got feed everywhere we went. We stayed with some wonderful families. Everyone told us that Britta was the BEST missionary out there. Of course we new that already! JK, sort of.

James and Sam just left for a hiking trip with the scouts. I don't know how James does it. We just got in yesterday afternoon, exhausted from a week of travel, and he got almost a full nights sleep (he was up at 4 to pack) and he's off again. That's a good Dad for you. How blessed I am. With that note, I am going back to bed!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Five Days from Today!

I started to write the last post when it was 10 days until "P" Day (pick up). Then I got interrupted and didn't get back to my post until today. So I changed the count down. Turns out the original date of the post does not get edited. So that is why it doesn't make sense. Oh well, I think that I will never truly get the hang of this. But I have given myself permission not to care. So I don't care! Just like the "Monster in the Closet" was that the name of the book I am thinking of? Well it doesn't matter cuz I still don't care.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Five Days Left!!!!

We fly out of SLC in just 5 days to pick up Britta! YAHOOOO! Why is it, however, that when some one is coming home or something big is about to happen, we choose to rip our entire house apart to "Clean" and then throw a couple of major Home improvements on top of it all. Just to create more pressure and over tax ourselves? Oh wait, lets redo the garden and plant flowers too! What were we thinking? Will I even be able to stay awake on this trip? Will my aching body recover in time for site seeing? All of this is a mystery waiting to be solved.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Son will come up Tomorrow

It was one hard week, last week. We got through it though. Although somedays don't feel like we did it very well, but we'll keep on keepin on. I will miss Bryan, but I got to see how amazing his wife and children are. I already thought that they were pretty great but man are they strong. I know that they are hurting and will continue to have hard days, but the support that they give each other is awesome and that is what will see them through this. I am so happy that Chris was here for them. I know that it helped them. I hope that it helped him too. So, Teena, Chris, Anthony, Brandon, Devin, and Eric I love you with all my heart and my prayers are with you every minute of every day. Remember where he is and why, it will help.


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