Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

I've been doing some blog hopping this evening
and have LOVED seeing all the projects that people in blogland
have finished this year.
It has inspired me.
I have decided that I want to 
do a project a month next year.  This will be a great motivator 
for me to actually finish the projects that I start.
(No comments from the peanut gallery my sweet family, please)
I have several unfinished projects at the current moment and
I will be finishing those up
and posting about them soon. 
If any of you would like some inspiration you can go
check out these fabulously creative women at their blogs:

The link below The Lettered Cottage shows some of her favorite room redo's
 from other bloggers and lets you add a link if you have something
that you have redone and would like to share it
Happy Blog Hopping and Happy New Years too!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorations are up!

We are a little slow this year.  We like to have the tree up
Thanksgiving weekend, but it seems that 
two of our family Christmas parties
always fall on that weekend now, so
it makes for a hectic weekend and the tree thing just 
doesn't happen.  I guess we will have to 
start decorating the weekend before 
Is that too early?
Anywho, I am going to  post 
some pictures soon.

Okay, so I have looong weeks

The word of the week?  It should be something fun, or at least interesting.  O.k. maybe just a word... Any word... how about...
los anuncios
that seems appropriate for the season
~after all aren't we bombarded with
adds this time of year~
what does it mean
Happy Shopping Everyone!
watch those adds and
get the best price you can

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Word of the Week

My sweet bear is learning Spanish this year.  One of the great benefits of
is that I can participate in his lessons.
I have never taken Spanish before and I am loving learning all about it.
I thought that you would like to share in my learning, so I am going to have a "word of the week."  
This weeks word is going to be...

wait for it...
la cocina 
 (for those language impaired like me who need a little extra help
my version of how to pronounce this is la co-seen-a)

what does it mean...

The Kitchen

I thought that with all the time that we spend in the kitchen this time of year, that it would be
a great place to start.


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