Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Master Bedroom Make-Over

It's finally MY turn!
After 16 (ish) years living in this house,
we are finally going to decorate our bedroom.
Not re-decorate, decorate for the very first time.
Yes it is true, we have lived here for a little more than 16 
years and we have never painted, hung a picture, curtains, absolutely
NOTHING has been done in our room.
But it's my turn now BABY!
I am so excited.
 I am going to post every step here and for those of
you who would like too, I would love for you to follow along.
My head is spinning with idea's.  You can imagine that someone who
loves to follow decorating blogs has an idea file the
size of ..... what...... I don't know, but it's BIG
and obviously I am not going to be able
to use every fabulous idea that I have collected from ya 'all.
So stay tuned and follow along with me as I we decide
what we will do with our room.  Do I have to 
let HH have input?
Wait, did I say that out loud?  Of course I want 
my HH's input.  

Anywho, so far I know that the
room will involve 

 this paint color "summer cottage" color matched at Home Depot
at 50%
I found it originally at Lowes in their Waverly Collection

 this picture gave me some inspiration
(I think this picture was on Decorpad but I'm not 100% sure)

and this stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

Stay tuned for more...


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