Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Son will come up Tomorrow

It was one hard week, last week. We got through it though. Although somedays don't feel like we did it very well, but we'll keep on keepin on. I will miss Bryan, but I got to see how amazing his wife and children are. I already thought that they were pretty great but man are they strong. I know that they are hurting and will continue to have hard days, but the support that they give each other is awesome and that is what will see them through this. I am so happy that Chris was here for them. I know that it helped them. I hope that it helped him too. So, Teena, Chris, Anthony, Brandon, Devin, and Eric I love you with all my heart and my prayers are with you every minute of every day. Remember where he is and why, it will help.


Jana said...

Nicely said! I love you my sister!


mintifresh said...

Teena and the kids were all very strong! I was very impressed! I hope that strength continues to be with them. Our love and prayers go out to all of you! I, too, am very glad Chris was able to be there!

BTW-I love your title!


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