Monday, June 8, 2009

Five Days Left!!!!

We fly out of SLC in just 5 days to pick up Britta! YAHOOOO! Why is it, however, that when some one is coming home or something big is about to happen, we choose to rip our entire house apart to "Clean" and then throw a couple of major Home improvements on top of it all. Just to create more pressure and over tax ourselves? Oh wait, lets redo the garden and plant flowers too! What were we thinking? Will I even be able to stay awake on this trip? Will my aching body recover in time for site seeing? All of this is a mystery waiting to be solved.


mintifresh said...

I am so excited for you! That will be so much fun! I think no matter how tired you may be by the time you go, you'll still find the energy to have a blast with Brittany!

Alice Gibbons said...

We can't wait to see Britta at the Gibbons' house, have a great trip and give her a gigantic hug from the Gibbons' Gang!~


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