Monday, April 20, 2009

This blogging thing can be a little intimidating, especially when some of you out there are so creative and/or entertaining with your blogs. Needless to say everytime I set down to blog, I draw a blank. I have nothing creative or witty to say. No earth shaking news to share. Nothing! Not that my life is boring, it's not. It's just, well, ordinary. Just car pool in the morning. Chores, errands and ect. all day. Car pool in the afternoon. Dinner and homework helps in the evening. A T.V. show before bed and then start all over in the morning. See what I mean. I need to spice things up a bit. I love my stay at home life, I just need a little twist in the day every once in a while. Any ideas? You creative sisters out there, give me something to work with? "I'm leaving it all up to you" to borrow words from the Osmonds. Man am I old!!


The Whittacres said...

What is something quirky that Sam said today? What major spillage happened in the last month? Anything break? What are things you dream of? (that may never happen) What thing did James do for you in the last month that just made you want to squeeze him and kiss him until you are both laughing so hard you could have pee'd your pants?
I personally just love to hear about the family
What is Andrew doing for work? Is he in school? Where? Who is he dating if applicable? What is your calling how are you liking it? What is James up too in church and at work? What is something you have done to improve the look of your house or yard. How do feel about the weather. Have you done anything different because of the weather. What did you think of the recent American Idol? LOL! What are you looking forward to the most in the next 6 months?
I hope that helps. I love ya and love to hear how things are going! Blog about what you do/did for Andrew's birthday...that's coming up.
That being said, blog about what you did for James' birthday...

mintifresh said...

I'm sure you have a million hilarious Sam stories!! I have a feeling he is always up to something!


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