Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been awhile!!!

I was watching GTU Thursday and they did a segment with Deals to Meals. A fairly new service that tracks the best deals on groceries and then gives you meal ideas to use with those deals. Also they tell you deals to add to your food storage as well. It intrigued me, but I got busy and forgot about it. Then this morning, I was taking a break from cleaning my kitchen and picked up the Ensign. I flipped through and read an article on "Family Home Storage A New Message" I read it and then remembered the segment on GTU. So I went and checked out their site. It didn't let you see too much without signing up (4.95 a month) but her blog, she had two one on meals and one on food storage were cool. Here are the links if you are interested: and
Anywho, it got me all excited about paying more attention to our food storage and planning better meals and saving money. I didn't sign up for her service, I might in the future, I will have to see how James hours hold up and I think we probably need to get a freezer before I do. Ours has been broken for awhile. So if you are easily drawn into the latest TV segments (or should I say Prophetic Counsel, at least that doesn't make me look like such a groupie) you should check it out.


Jana said...

Hey baby! sounds good to me!

Alice Gibbons said...

Well I have to say that the slacker Gibbons family can not wait until Britta gets home!!! I can't believe it has almost been 18 months. We are so proud of her!


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