Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am really having a hard time trying to link my blog to facebook. 
I  have tried to do this in the past and always end up giving up.
  Of course my problems seem to grow the more I try to figure it out. 
I just keep thinking of other things that I wanted to do as well. 
So For about 3 hrs I have managed to go from one problem to MANY problems.  
First I just wanted to post a comment from my email onto my blog. 
I have done this before but now I can't figure out why it won't work.  
Then I remembered I wanted to have my blog link to facebook, 
still can't figure that out
and really what I got on to do was find a cool way to repurpose this frame I got. 
Why can't I stay focused? 
Why can't I figure things out more easily? 
ok I'm done now,


mintifresh said...

heheheheh sooo many important things to do!

If you are wanting to put up a link to your blog on your facebook, just click the link button by your status update area and put in your address. If you want to make a page for it, there should be a 'page' or 'manage your pages' somewhere on there and just put in your info. Does that help?

The frame issue am of no help, sorry ;)

Jana said...

I too am clueless ...


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