Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remember This?

Remember this?

Well, I finally got around to taking a picture of the finished project!
You can read the original post here 
I had decided that my paper choice competed to much with my wallpaper so I needed something different.

After much searching and brainstorming which is not that easy for me, brainstorming, that is I remembered that I had left over wallpaper.  So I decided to use that.  Anywho, I was much happier with these results.
For one, my "J" is facing the right direction and two it coordinates with my room much better.
Here are the after pictures:
and a close up of the 6
I've included a close up of the wallpapers so that you can see the detail more
 This is on the "J"
and this is on the 6 sorry it's blurry
It's the smaller print on the bottom
Now to figure out were to put it.
When I started the project I was going to put it on the fireplace mantel.  But it took me forever to finish and in the meantime my wonderful children and HH got me this fabulous tree for my birthday.
Check it out here:*
 So of course it gets center stage. 
I just have to figure some other place out for the "J"

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