Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Eternal Cabinet Makeover

This cabinet is taking soooo long to redo.  I have learned some lessons as I've worked on it, though.

1.  Be more careful when thrifting.  Buy all wood furniture and not veneers.

2. Admit that I have lousy eye site and can't tell if I've painted an even coat of paint.

3.  It will cost more than I think it will.

4.  As a beginner, I should pick easier projects to start with!

Over all, even though it has taken longer, cost more, and been full of mistakes, it does feel good to work on a project and get messy with paint.  
Hopefully it will be done SOON. So that I can start a new project clean up the mess in my dinning room.

1 comment:

mintifresh said...

Man, good luck with that!

Projects are against my religion.


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